Scale of Charges

Members of the PTS

£50 per item* – no opinion, no fee

All others

£60 per item* – no opinion, no fee

Return Postage at cost is also charged

We are keen to retain the concept of a single fixed charge, but are aware that some may seek to take advantage. Thus, the definition of an “item” will be at the sole discretion of the committee, who will act reasonably. A set of 4 commemorative stamps or a block of four will normally be treated as a single item, whilst a set of 4 mint GV Seahorse stamps might not be..  Where submitted items are found to contain both genuine and non-genuine stamps, no additional charge will be made, but the Certificate(s) to be issued will be at the discretion of the Committee.

The right is reserved to charge more when greater research and enquiry than usual is, or may be required, for extraordinary circumstances or force majeure. (“Official” overprints or stamps on cover are the most likely to be affected.)

Where an extra charge is likely or certain, the committee will seek the submitter’s approval before expertisation procedures commence, when he/she will have the option to proceed, or not, at his/her sole discretion, when he/she will owe us nothing except the cost of returning the goods.

Unless you tell us otherwise (and in good time), all submitted items will be returned by suitable receipted mails (such as Special Delivery [formerly registered post] within the UK), the cost of such postage, packing, etc., being charged to the submitter. If you wish us to make any special declarations for customs’ or other purposes, you must advise us clearly in advance. Please note we will not undertake to do anything, which is, or may be, illegal.

There will be no exceptions to this rule.

We are NOT VAT registered so no VAT will be charged.