Cost of Membership

New applicants are considered for one of three membership types:

a) Provisional Membership - is for those entering the philatelic trade or who have been in business for less than two years. provisional members are entitled to all the privileges and benefits of the Society.
Provisional members are expected to apply for full membership within two years.

The current yearly subscription is £95 (plus VAT if applicable)

b) Full Membership - is open to applicants who have been in the philatelic trade for a minimum of two years.

The current yearly subscription is £150 (plus VAT  if applicable). In addition full members may subscribe for a 3 year period at an advantageous rate following their first year of full membership.

c) Associate Membership - is for those applicants of Partnerships or large concerns where there is already a member representing the trading entity.
The current subscription is £95 (plus VAT if applicable)

Two further grades of membership for those who have already been a member of the Society:
a) Retired Membership - is available for those members who eventually take up retirement, but wish to stay in touch with the Society. Retired members may not display the PTS emblem or indicate their membership but are entitled to all other benefits. There is a reduced subscription rate for this level, currently £50 (plus VAT if applicable)
b) Honorary Membership - may be granted by the Council to a member who has given exceptional service to the philatelic trade or the Society.